About us

FEMI Vape Technology Investment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the design, creation, production and sales of electronic cigarettes.

Our own chip engineers have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and our designers create and bring original box mod to the electronic cigarettes industry.

Our products are designed under the theme of space to take our customers with us in this galactic adventure.

The FEMI Vape family brings together qualities from innovative design, technical support, after-sales services in order to meet customer satisfaction requirements.

Think different

There is an infinite amount of electronic cigarettes that are available. Our will is to bring a unique vaping experience and design. In other words, we think different.  

An adventure together

As good as any electronic cigarettes can be, there is always room for improvements. We listen to our customers and we make sure that they get the satisfaction they are expecting for. In short, we manufacture and design the electronic cigarettes that meet our customers’ expectations.

Lighting fast experience 

Our engineers are chipset engineers. Every new devices that we bring to the market come with a tailor made chipset. In short, that means reactive electronic cigarettes. 

The FEMI Vape family is made of passionate people. We are happy to hear from our customers so join us in this adventure and feel free to talk to us.